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Excited to Announce...

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

So firstly, I have decided to add a blog onto my website, this is mainly as I work from home and am fairly isolated day to day and this enables me to share my thoughts around my business.

I am enthusiastically going over the year I have had and reflecting on the amazing projects I have been able to be involved in. Considering we were in the midst of a global pandemic I feel proud and blessed that my clients felt that they wanted to continue to work with me and we have achieved a lot this year! For this I am grateful.

I think it's really important to reflect on your business and take stock of the work that you have achieved but also understand the challenges you faced, the mistakes you have made and what you might do differently next year. It's important to keep growing and to do this we must be constantly learning, adapting and evaluating.

Personally, I have been growing my business by further developing my skills in virtual platforms. I try and learn something new within the events space at least once a week, be that a piece of technology, a new platform, searching for new suppliers, venues and so forth. I can now report that I am able to work with Zoom, Teams, Hopin, Whova with ease and have picked up new contracts as a result of this.

I have been blessed to get to work with some amazing clients within my time as a virtual assistant and this year has proven no different, so to all my clients, old and new, thank you.

What have I been up to this week?

So I went to Seller Sessions Christmas Party, after lots of organisation it was great to see it come together. I am working on announcing next year's events, one of which I am particularly excited about. I am also working on the last minute prep for an event on Saturday, held at the prestigious Sheraton Grand Hotel, London and I am taking time this week to evaluate my business and implement strategies to help move forward and to grow.

So what have I in store for you for the rest of and into next year, well I am rebranding! I will be amending my services to offer packages instead of hourly and the focus will be event management and or online business management as I am niching down, my expertise are in events and business management so felt it was important as I go into my 6th year that I focus on my niche areas of expertise, meaning that you will gain my years of experience in the event and business space.

Happy Holidays!

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